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Nicole Paulus

I am currently sitting in Berlin attempting to work on my daily tasks managing social media accounts for thought leaders while Shirley, my granny is lying in a hospice bed halfway around the world, gasping for her last breaths of air. According to the doctor, these are her final days left on Earth.

Some days, like today, living so far from family feels so heavy, the weight making me feel deeply disconnected from life, and also from death. Sure, I’m grateful for the role technology plays in moments like these but it’s not the same. My sister called me from…

I was a gifted kid.

I don’t say that to brag, that’s what they called me. They being the public school system.

Later, when I moved from Arizona to Georgia, they put me in Program Challenge. It was essentially the same thing, a special program for intellectually gifted kids, but rebranded (I’m assuming), to appear less divisive. We weren’t gifted but in need of a challenge. It was catchier and sure to get ALL the funding.

My single mom who worked all the time was proud that her daughter was being challenged and so she nor I ever questioned the…

I’m Nicole and now I’m going to tell you a bunch of things about myself that nobody, absolutely nobody cares about.

  • I was in the program or gifted kids all through elementary and middle school.
  • I was the news anchor on the morning announcements in elementary school because I could read better than anyone else.
  • I was in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. I was chosen because I was the teacher’s pet.
  • I was the salutatorian of my high school and had to give a speech in front of a stadium of…

As I shove my zucchini pasta in my mouth and watch the clouds roll by on my balcony, I can’t help but notice my neighbor’s thriving Basil Plant. Upon further inspection, ALL of her plants were thriving.

“It wasn’t because she loved them,” I reasoned, “no one loved her plants as much as I do. And I’d NEVER seen her talking to them or caressing their leaves.”

The Arugula I’d been so proud of for shooting up so quickly never reached the fat peppery leaf stage, and instead skipped straight to the long and delicate white flower stage. The internet…

My dad nonchalantly informed me I’d have to take him to the hospital in a week, a routine colonoscopy and then added that it was nothing to worry about.

“Sure, no problem, just remind me the day before,” I replied back with equal nonchalance.

The truth is, I was happy and honored that he’d asked. Since I lived in Berlin, it’s not exactly convenient for me to fly to Tucson and help him check off his important todos.

The day before his appointment, I received a Facebook message with the details of his exam. “I’ll be there!” …

Hey Airline Industry, we need to talk.

I travel a lot. Never for business or anything, always for pleasure. I’m a freelance internet nerd which means I can work anywhere there’s a decent wifi signal. For the last four years though, I’ve had a primary residence in Berlin and then travel to far off lands when the wanderlust sets in.

I’m aware that flying is one of the worst things you can do for the environment (besides having a kid or voting for Trump) but until Greta starts a fossil fuel-friendly sailboat transport service, there is really no other feasible…

When I walked into the ladies only room at my new gym, there was only one other woman working out there. She was older, probably in her 60s. Not bouncing around one of the many lime green machines, not lifting weights, not using the non-slip rubber mats. No. She was, however, dancing along to some salsa fusion dance video playing on her phone.

My first reaction was shameful, I admit.

“What the hell is she doing? Doesn’t she know that she can do that at home? Why join a gym just to watch YouTube?”

My second reaction wasn’t any less…

I am a woman (not because I chose the title myself but because I was born with a vagina and my mom checked the female box when filling out my birth certificate.) It also means that I have a womb, which used to imply that my worth derived from cooking a decent fetus and the occasional pot roast. Now it also means I am able to run a company, run for office, and run a marathon… all whilst bleeding and getting paid less than my male cohorts. WOO-HOO!

Even though the sky is the limit for women these days, there…

Nicole Paulus

Squarespace website designer and writer in Berlin. Helping Conscious Business Owners navigate the Squarespace platform and gain clarity around their content.

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