Periods Don’t Pause for the Patriarchy

Below are a few organizations I found who are directly helping donate money or menstrual products to Ukrainian refugees:

  1. The Female Company — you can order organic pads directly on their site for a reduced rate. The Female Company will then make sure those pads get sent to Ukrainian women. More info here.
  2. Genial Day — With every purchase of Genial Day products, they donate a pack of pads to Ukrainian refugees. More info here.
  3. Akcja Menstruacja (Menstruation Action) — this Polish nonprofit has an extensive plan of action for ensuring a comfortable period for Ukrainian refugees. They have collection points set up in Poland but you can also send packages from anywhere in the world (but just note that pads are preferred due to sanitation uncertainty). Their address is: Sobieskiego 115, 84–230 Rumia, Poland. They also accept financial donations, which allows them to pay for warehouse, shipping costs, cardboard, tape, etc. Donations can be sent to this account: Foundation Menstruation Action 55 1600 1055 1899 6298 9000 0001. More info here.
  4. Periodensystem — They are sending collected donations to organizations that are providing humanitarian aid directly to Ukraine. Inside each package includes tampons, pantyliners, pads, adult diapers, and wet wipes. You can make a direct donation here.
  5. Hey Girls — They are arranging donations of period products via their community partners to support the people crossing the borders. As a buy-one, donate-one period product social enterprise, they donate vital period products to those in need. Help them help the people of Ukraine by making a one-off gift or setting up a monthly donation here.

If you know of any other organizations that are collecting money or period-related donations specifically for women fleeing war (any war, not just Ukraine), please leave a comment below with their details!



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Nicole Paulus


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